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Carnie Wilson – Journey with Bell’s palsy and weight gain

My name is Carnie Wilson, and I want to tell you about my experiences with weigh gain when I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. First of all, let me explain what Bell’s palsy is. It is a condition where a part of your face is affected by involuntary muscle spasm. You are unable to move part of your face, but also you can experience your eyelid to drop and to lose sensation in your tongue. Even today the cause of this disease is unknown, but the positive side is that symptoms go away, and the recovery is no longer than six months.

But when you are on your recovery path, it is not easy to feel like your old self. For me, it was even harder, because I gained some extra pounds. When diagnosed with this disease I was dealing very hard mentally.post4a I didn’t want to go out and be surrounded by people until my symptoms wouldn’t go away. Before Bell’s palsy, I was very active, training five times a week, always running, walking and spending my time in nature. This is why weight gain was so hard on me. Be spending time at my house all day I turn to food as a comfort. I didn’t go out and didn’t burn those extra calories, and that is why pound began to stack.

But when the symptoms began to fade, I decided that it was enough, and I have to start moving and eating healthy once again. I also started to socialize as I used to, and became very active.  At the begging, it was hard to push through because I felt very tired and experiences muscle weakness because of the illness, but this is why the main focus was on my diet. The healthy diet helped me to lose most of my weight and to feel better and healthier. My diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, a lot of proteins and fresh meat and a lot of fish. Thanks to this my symptoms started to fade faster, and I was my old self within several months.