5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Weight After a Significant Weight Loss

When most individuals think about weight management, they tend to think about the initial process of losing weight. Just getting started can be difficult, so it’s understandable why so much attention is paid to shedding the pounds. However, a good part of a sustainable healthy weight regimen is also coming up with a plan for how to maintain the desired weight once weight reduction is no longer the pursuable goal. Having a concrete weight maintenance goal will increase the chance that an individual will be able to maintain sustain their healthy weight without the typical “see-sawing” that come from simple dieting.

1. Exercise
One of the best ways to ensure that a healthy weight is maintained after a significant weight loss is to consistently engage in physical activity. Individuals who participate in some type of activity for 60 minutes per day, 5 days per week increase their chances of maintaining their weight.

2. Support
As stated before, losing weight can be hard. It is really important for those who are serious about maintaining their weight loss to seek out support from others. Emotional support not only provides an outlet to discuss struggles and share successes, it also provides an extended level of accountability beyond the individual trying to lose weight. Joining a support group or enlisting friends and family can give the extra push an individual needs to stay the course and not fall back into old habits.

3. Keep Tabs on the Scale
Many people fear the scale, but it is the most obvious measurement tool a person has to make sure that their strategies are continuing to work. Research indicates that measuring weight daily is an effective tool for maintaining weight loss. If weight begins a consistent increase, individuals can address the increase quickly and with minimal adjustment.

4. Eat Breakfast
There is an age-old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When it comes to weight management, the saying is especially true. Eating breakfast sets the standard for the day when it comes to calorie consumption. Those who eat a healthy breakfast packed with nutrients are more likely to continue the trend with their food choices throughout the day.

5. Get Five A Day
Individuals who want to maintain a healthy weight will need to make sure they are getting five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Not only are fruits and vegetables packed with the vitamins the body needs to sustain energy levels and other important functions, most fruits and vegetables are a good source of fiber, which decreases belly bloat, sustains a feeling of fullness and decreases empty calorie, in between meal snacking.


Carnie Wilson – Journey with Bell’s palsy and weight gain

My name is Carnie Wilson, and I want to tell you about my experiences with weigh gain when I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. First of all, let me explain what Bell’s palsy is. It is a condition where a part of your face is affected by involuntary muscle spasm. You are unable to move part of your face, but also you can experience your eyelid to drop and to lose sensation in your tongue. Even today the cause of this disease is unknown, but the positive side is that symptoms go away, and the recovery is no longer than six months.

But when you are on your recovery path, it is not easy to feel like your old self. For me, it was even harder, because I gained some extra pounds. When diagnosed with this disease I was dealing very hard mentally.post4a I didn’t want to go out and be surrounded by people until my symptoms wouldn’t go away. Before Bell’s palsy, I was very active, training five times a week, always running, walking and spending my time in nature. This is why weight gain was so hard on me. Be spending time at my house all day I turn to food as a comfort. I didn’t go out and didn’t burn those extra calories, and that is why pound began to stack.

But when the symptoms began to fade, I decided that it was enough, and I have to start moving and eating healthy once again. I also started to socialize as I used to, and became very active.  At the begging, it was hard to push through because I felt very tired and experiences muscle weakness because of the illness, but this is why the main focus was on my diet. The healthy diet helped me to lose most of my weight and to feel better and healthier. My diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, a lot of proteins and fresh meat and a lot of fish. Thanks to this my symptoms started to fade faster, and I was my old self within several months.



How can gastric bypass help you to lose weight

Gastric bypass is a surgical intervention which is used in dealing with morbid obesity. Anyone who has body mass index higher than 40 is classified as morbidly obese. Besides diet and medications, surgeries as gastric bypass are also a tool which can help you to lose excess weight.

How does it work?

post3aThe main purpose of the gastric bypass surgery is to make the stomach smaller, which will cause a patient to eat and need less food. This will result in losing weight. But keep in mind that eating less is not enough. You need to have the right diet, which is recommended by your doctor and also to exercise. After the surgery, you will need few weeks to recover, and you will be in hospital only about three days if there are not any complications. Full time of recovery is about one month.

The success rate of this operation is very high, and patients lose more than 60 percent of their excess weight in two years. After the surgery, you will feel fuller, and need less food to satisfy your needs. But there are also few more benefits that this surgery caries. We all know that morbid obesity is linked with some many health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, sleep apnea. By undergoing this operation, you will deal with these health problems.

Life after the operation

post3bLife after the operation is not going to be same, and something’s is going to change. You will resolve your health issues, but you will need to follow the diet that your doctor subscribed you and to drink supplements for the rest of your lives. There is also a mental part of this process. Be prepared that some of your relationships with people are going to change because you will change also. Some people are used to looking at you as an overweight person, and it is hard for that to accept this change. But weightless is also going to have an impact on you. Some of the patients are big overweight part of their life, and it is hard to accept a new person that they have become.



Morbid obesity- one of the biggest issues of modern World

Obesity is the problem that is raising day by day all around the World. But the nation that is most affected is America, with more than a third of population dealing with obesity. Living in a modern and stressful World with little time to spare, have caused that so many people today are overweight. Today it is easier to go through drive-through than to make a meal at home. Most of the people don’t have that much time, and buying junk food is an easy solution.

What qualifies as morbid obesity?

Morbid obesity is serious health problem which affects many aspects of person’s life. People who are suffering from it have difficulties in performing they regular tasks, but also having difficulties in breathing, walking and sleeping, because obesity can cause sleep apnea. These conditions are linked with so many different diseases such as high blood pressure, which can cause heart attack, stroke, and death, but also diabetes, problems with reproduction, hormones, arthritis and many others.post2b

Anyone who has a body mass index higher than 30 is classified as obese. The main reasons why this condition is developing is simple. If you eat more calories than you need, your body will store it as a fat, which will cause obesity. But, there are few more factors which can play a role in this process. Some of them are genetics. If you have in your family someone who is obese, it is more likely that you will also develop this condition. Lack of sleep is also a big contributor. Researches had shown that people who have problems with sleeping tend to eat more every day. A fast paste of life, stress, and anxiety also are linked to obesity. And females are more prone to having excess weight that men do.

How can you fight obesity?

There are few things you need to do if you want to resolve morbid obesity. First of all is healthy diet and exercise. Eat the right nutrients, and try to move as much as possible. Also, there are medications and as a last option surgery.

Can amphetamines help you to lose weight?

When dealing with excessive weight and obesity, we all look for a solution which can make those extra pounds to drop even faster. Besides eating healthy and working out, what more can you do to speed this process along? One of the solutions can be amphetamines.

What are amphetamines and how do they work?

post1aAmphetamines are medications which are used in dealing with some different conditions, such as ADHD, narcolepsy, problems with concentrations, and many others. Losing weight is the side effect of this medication. If you are morbidly overweight, it is likely that your doctor will prescribe this medication to you. But besides losing weight, there are others negative side effect that you should keep in mind. Some of them are high blood pressure; you can feel dizzy, have diarrhea, weakness in your body and others.

Are they the best solution for you?

As I said this medication could help you to lose weight by suppressing your appetite and helping your body to absorb calories faster, but there is one big issue that you need to keep in mind. post1bBy using this medication for a long period, it can cause an addiction. This is why you shouldn’t use them by yourself, and only as a last solution. If you aren’t careful you may get addicted and need to visit drug treatment facilies in Ohio. The doctor must prescribe you medicine with a right dose. Researches have also shown that amphetamines can slow down the development in height with children, so keep that in mind if your child is overweight.

Medication can only get you so far; your weight loss journey is not going to affect if you are not eating the nutrients you should and if you are not working out. Amphetamines will suppress your appetite, but you need to have a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein. Avoid process food and sugary food, and try to move daily. This is the best cure for your weight loss. It is recommended to exercise at least three times a day, so you can always join a gym, or plan an exercise program by yourself.